Quantum Game with Photons

A puzzle game with photons, superposition and quantum measurement, right in your browser. With true quantum mechanics underneath!

Wave optics and quantum mechanics as a game

NEWS: We develop Quantum Game v 2.0 at CQT, Singapore. See updates at Medium or Twitter. We will release it late 2019.

Play for fun! Learn quantum mechanics as a side effect.

It’s a puzzle game, heavily inspired by The Incredible Machine and Chromatron.

All you need is a browser (we recommend recent version of Firefox or Chrome), you don’t need to install anything.

It’s open source - so not only you can play it for free, but also lookup the code. Motivation behind the game is in Quantum mechanics for high-school students blog post.

It was covered on The Quantum Times (top pick in education for gamifying quantum theory), Motherboard, Scott Aaronson, Cory Doctorow, Hacker News (actually, twice).

For more games like this one, see: Science-based games collaborative list.

Real physics

Sandbox mode allows experimenting with physics, creating new levels and having fun. It’s why we called it adventures of a curious character. :)

Replicate famous (real and gedanken) experiments like:

Underneath there is s real simulator of quantum mechanics - a discrete variant describing polarization and discrete position. You may be not aware of unitary and projective operators, tensor products or complex number - but JavaScript is doing all the dark magic for you!



This game is being developed by:

We thanks all other contributors for inspiration, ideas and feedback! Speeking about that: tweet us @QuantumGameIO, comment at the FB page, raise an issue on GitHub repository or simply write an email to Piotr.


This project is supported by eNgage – III/2014 grant by the Foundation for Polish Science.