Quantum Game with Photons

A puzzle game with photons, superposition and quantum measurement, right in your browser. With true quantum mechanics underneath!

Wave optics and quantum mechanics as a game

Play for fun! Learn quantum mechanics as a side effect.

It’s a puzzle game, heavily inspired by The Incredible Machine and Chromatron.

All you need is a browser (we recommend recent version of Firefox or Chrome), you don’t need to install anything.

It’s open source - so not only you can play it for free, but also lookup the code. Motivation behind the game is in Quantum mechanics for high-school students blog post.

It was covered on The Quantum Times (top pick in education for gamifying quantum theory), Hacker News and is on the Science-based games collaborative list.

Real physics

Sandbox mode allows experimenting with physics, creating new levels and having fun. It’s why we called it adventures of a curious character. :)

Replicate famous (real and gedanken) experiments like:

Underneath there is s real simulator of quantum mechanics - a discrete variant describing polarization and discrete position. You may be not aware of unitary and projective operators, tensor products or complex number - but JavaScript is doing all the dark magic for you!



This game is being developed by:

We thanks all other contributors for inspiration, ideas and feedback! Speeking about that: tweet us @QuantumGameIO, comment at the FB page, raise an issue on GitHub repository or simply write an email to Piotr.


This project is supported by eNgage – III/2014 grant by the Foundation for Polish Science.